The Power of Promotional Products: Part 1

How to Fill Your Pipeline and Create Loyalty with Promo Products

There’s something about the word FREE that makes people irrational. Especially if what is being offered is something they would actually use! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, a simple coffee mug, pen, cap, post-it note pad or whatever. And when people receive a gift, regardless of whether it was promotional or not, it creates a sense of gratitude, loyalty.

In the year 2000, a whole-house water conditioning company sold the latest GE water softener system in the Tampa Bay area. The number one giveaway they offered to book an appointment was a small box of Tide detergent. TIDE led to many $3,000 sales! Why? They knew Tide was the number one preferred detergent and the lady of the house would LOVE a FREE box!

What does Tide have to do with promo products? NOTHING! However, it proves the power of giving away promotional material that one would use to create desire and demand.

Subliminal Advertising

walking billboardNow, what if you gave an item one would use on a daily basis, what might happen? Did you know that promotional products have a longer life than a magazine or radio ad, at a fraction of the cost? One stat says 58% of consumers keep a promotional product anywhere from one to four years. Complement that with the ability for it to travel with the owner and you accomplish two powerful things:

  1. You have a mobile billboard.
  2. You have an implied third-party endorsement.

You see, coffee mugs, pens, t-shirts, notebooks/pads, baseball caps – you name it – go where people go: the business, church, school or club meeting. Moreover, the user is constantly reminded of your company and those who see a respected friend or colleague using it, assume they approve of the brand; hence it must be good.

Enhances Existing Marketing Efforts

In the book, “The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR” by Al and Laura Ries, it states that people have been bombarded with advertising that they filter and ignore; therefore, a company must spend a lot more to break through. However, if public relations were done first, since it by passes advertising and delivers a message where the consumer lives (in the news, at events, in favorite shows, etc.), the exposure makes the consuming public take notice when they see the brands advertising. Why? The same reasons:

* It comes naturally through their comfortable endeavors.

* Wherever they learned about the brand provided an implied endorsement. After all, if such personality, host or news anchor found it important to share the brand on valuable air time, print or TV minutes, it must mean they believe in the product, service or company.

promo product

When you give promotional products, the same thing occurs. Now when they see an ad, banner, social-media post or radio ad, it breaks through the noise and registers. This not only makes your

marketing more effective, but also saves you money. Since it takes fewer views or listens for one to pay attention, I requires less money spent to reach the same audience.

Add Promotional Products to You Marketing Strategy

Therefore, revisit your marketing budget and allocate a portion of it for promotional products. Get some t-shirts, pens, caps and post-its. Don’t just hand them out to new prospects, send your loyal clients a gift of gratitude and watch it be repaid. After all, if you could make a customer a brand ambassador and all it took was a t-shirt, cap or coffee mug – that would be the best $10 or fewer dollars you’ve spent!

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