Quality Versus Economy

Quality versus Economy: Which one Serves My Brand Best?

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. Besides the long hours, many hats and meager lifestyle in the beginning, as you reinvest in your business, often it feels like a job is better. But, it’s the best way to live! You own something. And you want to make sure as many people as possible are aware you exist. As I’ve discussed before, t-shirts are a powerful way of doing so. The more people wear your shirt, the more awareness, branding and implied endorsements you get. So, then, this begs the questions: Should I buy more t-shirts with an economy shirt or fewer with a high-quality shirt? Let’s look at this.

Numbers is the Name of the Game

The 80/20 rule states you will get 20% of whatever you go after. The question is, what do you want 20% of? Obviously 20% of 1,000 is better than 20% of a 100. And if you are giving away your t-shirts as a marketing vehicle, you want to keep costs down and hand out more. Makes sense on paper, but does it make sense in reality?

In Quality, Less is More

If you handed out 1,000 low-cost t-shirts (economy quality), they won’t look as nice and feel as comfortable; therefore, will people be willing to wear them? Since today’s generation is fashion conscience, if it doesn’t compliment them your shirt may become a pajama or car-wash rag. If that were the case, are your marketing dollars working?

But what if you ordered 400 high-quality t-shirts that hold up better in the wash, retain their color longer, feel comfortable and look great in public; how many people do you think would be willing to wear your shirt now? Those 400 shirts may get more willing to wear your shirt than the 1,000 handed out, bringing you a better return on your investment.

The Implied Benefits of a Quality T-shirt

After the obvious is addressed, let’s look at the implied. Branding is not a name and a logo; that’s just what people remember from good branding. Branding is the totality of the user experience of your audience. That being so, a high-quality t-shirt implies:

  • You take pride in your company, product and service.
  • You care for your customers and public.
  • If what you give away is of this caliber, your service and products must be better.

Therefore, in the battle of economy versus quality, quality wins hands down. Now don’t get me wrong, economy has a place; typically for family reunions, clubs and hobbyist groups. But if you are trying to make a statement, make sure it says the very best! It will pay dividends.

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