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How to Brand Your Business with Walking Billboards

Branding, that marketing word that makes everyone think of a logo and a name. However, branding is more than a logo and a name; it’s every aspect of your relationship with your public. But it’s the logo and the name they recall when they think of whatever it is you do.

the power of brandingBranding was created by the cattle ranchers of the founding of America. A ranch would burn their name and logo on the hide of the animal to protect it from being stolen and so their customers knew which beef to buy, by reputation of quality.

When you brand your business, you burn your name and logo on the minds and hearts of your public, so whenever your topic comes up, you come to mind. However, you can’t burn your label on the chest or backs of your audience, legally anyway. But you can do the next best thing; have them wear it for all to see.

Billboard Advertising

If you consider the billboard market place, according to FitSmallBusiness.com, billboard advertising for 4 weeks costs anywhere between $1,800 and $14,000, depending on the location and demographics. Then there’s the cost of actually creating the artwork, approximately $500 for an average sized billboard. If you have that kind of money in your marketing budget – great! But what if you don’t? Or, what if you could get a better impact for less?

Walking Billboards

Imagine having your billboard go where a billboard can’t go: a church gathering, business meeting, school sporting event, a concert or fair, to the mall or a restaurant. How many people whom wouldn’t have seen your billboard see it now?

Now consider that your public is not only seeing your brand, but they see an implied endorsement. In other words, since the person wearing your t-shirt is, well, wearing it, it must mean they like your product or service. Hence it must be good!

Lifespan of Your Billboard

your company hereConsidering your budget, you may have your billboard up for four weeks. But the lifespan of a t-shirt, according to the PLATE conference (Product Lifetimes And The Environment) is 6.8 years, when one considers wearing and donating of clothes. (Here’s a great infographic showing the lifecyle of a t-shirt.)

When you consider the cost of a t-shirt, it’s pennies on the dollar with a long-life of exposure. If you were selling them, it’s a profit center. If you were giving them away, you’d get more impressions and it’s a tax write off. Read how Single Grain made $500K on giving away t-shirts.

So if you’re a small business with a small marketing budget, t-shirts are a proven strategy to help you get the exposure you seek, make your brand become known in your market and be able to make a fun fashion statement. After all, a good looking t-shirt will get many miles and make others want one. There’s only one place to get it – at your business!

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